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Just Another Girl

I'm going down in flames...
I'm falling into this again...


||June 17, 2004/ 8:29 PM||
I know, it's been a while. Sorry about that. I've been working hard on some projects and on WorldlySiMS. That takes first priority. Well, I hope you enjoy what I have for you today. I have one female skin pack and two female heads pack. There was supposed to be another one but I can't find it. I've become a little disorganized with my files so fixing it will be the next project of mine. lmao! Well, that's it. Happy Simming! Enjoy the skins.

||April 18, 2004/ 8:57 PM||
Hi all! Welcome to my little project. I made some goth/fantasy type skins and they didn't match with my site so here is a little project branch off. LOL. I have eight heads up for you guys along with one skin. I hope you guys will enjoy them. And of course, I had to add part of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs up on the site. :D Happy simming all!


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