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About Me

Want to get to know me a little?  Here it all is... Umm... Some of it at least. ^^

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Name: Juleah (Tropicallili)
B-Day: May 30, 1985
Age: 18
Hobbies: The SIMS (of course), drawing, writing, reading, shopping(when I can get the time), blogging,taking pictures, trying to keep in touch with all my friends back in the islands, and obsessing over video games.  LOL...
Favorite TV Shows: Inuyasha, X-Men, Blue Gender, Witch Hunter Robin(Yeah I'm a big Anime Freak), Charmed, and Who's Line is it Anyway.
Music: 3 Doors Down!  LOL... And really anything.  I'm not too picky. ^^
MISC: I also run WorldlySIMS with my cousins.  Where you can find a lot of my other work... Just in case you were wondering.  LOL